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Provide your email address to start the process of joining our mailing list. If you have qualms about that, please read the rest of this page below the following form. You can also use this form to update information; for example, if your email address has changed since you last joined the list, or your zip code has changed, etc.

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To use that famous phrase, “Let me make myself perfectly clear”: I am looking to expand my email list.

I am not offering you a free report showing you how you can become an instant millionaire and quit your j-o-b, or some other "gift", to entice you to give me your email contact information. More often than not, the report turns out to say nothing useful, or to be a sales page for some product - the price of which may be $27 or $2,997 - I bet it ends in "7" – which includes bonuses of total “value” between $900 and $190,000. We won’t be offering the proverbial “free gift” (of course, duh! If it ain’t free ain’t a gift).

Instead, I am just plainly asking you to add your name, e-mail address and a couple more little items to my list, if you like what you find here. Why should you? Here is why:

You will get a message from Timo (me) once in a while - never more than once a month. In our messages, we may announce a special promotion or let you know about important events – for example, if we learn of some problem with the products you can get through the site, or some other important development in any of the areas that the site deals with - food, health, the environment – that we think you may want to learn about. Also, building up a list is helpful for recording certain data for statistical and other purposes, so we can tailor the site to its visitors.

When you finish this simple sign-up, you will have provided your full name, your email address, your zip code and the topic(s) you are interested in: food, health or the environment – one or all of these, but at least one.

Nowadays, most sites just attempt to collect only your first name and your email address, some just the email address. Supposedly, that makes you feel like you are not providing too much information that could be used to invade your privacy. Baloney! Giving out only your email address can expose you to being inundated with all kinds of spam just the same – this just depends on the ethics and philosophy of the party who is collecting the data. I ask for both first and last names: I am running a business and what I am doing here is actually putting together a directory, and I don’t think my visitors are so stupid they see a benefit in providing their first name only. I like the idea of having the data to, say, address a letter to you properly, if I ever see the need to send you one. Can you imagine a phone book with just people’s first names listed? Sounds pretty dumb to me!

I ask for your city and zip code because those little pieces of data are very useful in analyzing demographics and other factors related to who is visiting the site. This helps me make the site more useful to you.

I request that you tell me which subjects are of interest to you, so I don’t send you messages or announcements about things you don’t care about. So, if you don’t care about, say, restaurants, I will not send you news or a message about that subject.


Every time you get a message, in it you will find an option to easily remove yourself from the mailing list. Or you can just use the "Contact us" link to tell us to remove you at any time.

So, we would really appreciate it if you opt in. Just enter your email address and press the button on the above form to start the opt-in process.