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GMOs are unsafe




Many cides of food

Human Roundup

The Future of Food

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

No bigger threat to life on the planet presently exists

What are GMOs?

Genetic modification of organisms - sometimes referred to as Genetic Engineering (GE) - is the exchanging of genes between unrelated species that cannot naturally exchange genes with each other. Sometimes this gene exchange can have unexpected results - unexpected because, at least up to the present, nobody really knows exactly how it works. The biotech companies are playing with the technology and our government is allowing them to do that on us. In reality, we are now guinea pigs for the biotech companies (of which most notable is Monsanto).

These are not GMOs:

GE is not the same as breeding animals or creating hybrid seeds. You can breed say, two different kinds of dog and come up with a new breed - in fact, a lot of those dogs that win first prize in the dog show came about from breeding other dogs. Similarly, you can create a new seed by hybridizing; it is now commonplace to buy fruits in the market that are the result of hybridizing seeds - e.g. pluots, tangelos.

Breeding and hybridizing are not completely problem-free. I have always believed that when we take a step away from what nature gives us, the result does not quite exhibit the same quality. Years ago, I had a Great Dane - the result of breeding a Greyhound (for speed) with an English Mastiff (for muscle and strength). I learned about the trade-off: Danes do not live long - 6, 7 years is normal; a lot of them die of cancer. There is something comparable with the fruit; having been a chef for many years, I have always paid attention to taste. Seedless watermelons or grapes save you the trouble of spitting a lot, but I always buy the ones with seeds, if available - taste the two kinds side by side and you will see (read taste) why. You get convenience, you give up taste. I have always thought of those grapes as Thompson Tasteless grapes.

Breeding and hybridizing can happen naturally. Pollen can be blown by the wind or carried by a bee from one plant to a different one. We see mutts everywhere, often cuter and healthier than the show dogs. This is really no big deal, but… here is a huge problem:

These are GMOs:

I have never seen a dog breed with say, a watermelon; they may try, but it never works; if it did, there would be a lot of mutts running around that look like my right leg.

But the GE practitioners can make things like this happen. Do you know how they do it? It's something called gene splicing. Now we are talking unnaturally forcing the DNA of an organism into another different one. I thought only God was allowed and able to do that. But no, these rogues think they can, and have the right to, do the same.

And maybe they can indeed. The problem is they cannot keep it within their playpens. When they do this with the plants we and our animals eat, contamination can and does happen. Pollen doesn't know it is supposed to stay inside the playpen, so we end up with these man-made organisms in our crops and our soil. The GE practitioners do not care, they just want to make money. And don't count on the USDA or the FDA to prevent these abominations because they collude with the GEs.

Protect yourself from GMOs

Visit the Resources page to download the Non-GMO Shopping Guide and the Health Risks brochure

GMOs affect YOU directly – your body, your health

We, the public, are being used as guinea pigs by the biotech industry.

We are now looking at allergic reactions, organ damage, sterility, and infant mortality. The active ingredient in the only pesticide that works for these GE plants reduces their nutrient content, which can adversely affect livestock and humans. It also promotes soil borne pathogens, and is now attributed to promoting more than 40 plant diseases in the US.

To see much more information, browse to
J. Smith Articles

Protect yourself and your loved ones

I am here to assist you. Because it would be dumb to re-invent the wheel, I have made arrangements with Jeffrey Smith's Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) to share their knowledge and expertise in this field. IRT is, from what I have seen, the best source on the planet for information on this subject.

Here, I am presenting much of IRT's material for the benefit of my site visitors, both in English and Spanish. All content you see on this site was written by me and translated by me English to Spanish, or vice versa. Note that I am not a scientist and have no formal training on the subject here. In my 30+ as a chef, I did learn much about food - cooking it, serving it, sourcing it. As for GMOs, although passionate about the subject, I am only a layman, which is why everything you read here is written in layman's, not scientific terms. If you wish to see more authoritative or scientific material on GMOs, please visit the IRT site.

x Timo

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