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Daddy, there's no water!


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Green earth

This section of the site has been named “Green Planet” - the reason the page you are looking at right now looks so, well … green.

Jeffrey SmithThis gentleman, Jeffrey Smith, has already done more to keep our environment GMO-free than anyone I know of. He is helping to improve the quality of our food supply.

I am joining Jeffrey in his efforts to keep this planet green and intend to help him spread the word about the hazards of GMOs by presenting much of his material, both in English and in Spanish, in a special section I have created on this site. Click here or on the photo and check it out now.

Thinking of a green Planet evokes forests, lakes, open air and all those beautiful things – as long as they are not polluted. But none of that really means much unless we have FREEDOM OF CHOICE, the lack of which is just another form of pollution. So, the green and our freedom of choice are inextricably related: one is not real without the other. This is the concept that these pages are intended to convey.

Here is one thing I highly recommend you look at, the CounterThink cartoon collection by Mike Adams – aka "The Health Ranger". I am sure some of you already know about him. If a green planet or a wholesome environment is something you care about, you should learn about Mike Adams – visit his site, and subscribe to his free newsletter.

I am fortunate to have obtained permission to republish these cartoons – satirical, yes; but they make their point faster and better than a lot of long articles. Check them out and share them with family and friends. I promise you will enjoy them and simultaneously become aware of a lot of things about our corrupt government in general, our sick healthcare system – and the media and big corporations and false labeling … and more.


Press the above image to browse the cartoons. This is a Flash presentation, which allows you to choose from a list of subjects, to view the cartoons based on that subject they illustrate – e.g. selecting 'health' will display all the cartoons that deal with health.

If you do not like/have Flash, you can see the collection on regular HTML pages. If you wish to do that, Click here

It's high time to start thinking in terms of "we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore". I am talking about how our basic freedoms are trampled upon by those who are supposed to be protecting them, notably our government. Some examples would be:

  • the FDA protecting the obscene, immoral profits of pharmaceutical companies;
  • the police and the courts forcing parents to pump poisons into their children's bodies at gunpoint;
  • government agencies forcing you to consume processed foods instead of fresh, the way nature created them – and allowing, even requiring false labeling (think of raw almonds in California, which are all pasteurized by legal mandate - not raw, but legally sold as such);

… and much more.

But just saying "we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore" is not enough. We all have to do our share and sometimes that means forgetting about "convenience". Not too many things make my blood boil more than having to drive to the supermarket, where most of the stuff available I wouldn't serve to my dog anyway, and on top of that, on the way there seeing 1000 cars, 800 of them huge SUVs, each with one person inside. Maybe what is happening with the gasoline prices nowadays is not such a bad thing. Sometimes I think we are all in a stupor when it comes to our environment.

Keeping our planet green, reversing the damage we have already done to the environment: these are complex issues that are not going to be resolved by one single organization or website. There are big issues: global warming, destruction of the rain forests, endangered species, ozone depletion, oil spills, and on and on… the list is endless. Then we have the small things: plastic bags and containers, disposable diapers, detergents and other household goods that pollute, inefficient appliances and gadgets we all use, etc. etc., another endless list.

Here, I do not pretend to offer solutions; I am not saying anything that most of us do not already know. The contribution I can make, at least right now, is to raise awareness of certain ongoing problems and their magnitude. If I can cause some people to change some habits, to act slightly different, perhaps I am contributing something.

For now, browse to the items the images scattered throughout this page link to – you or someone in your family or circle of friends may see something of interest.




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