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Timos, dedicated to Health and the Environment

Timos site was previously the site for my San Francisco restaurant called Timo's. I sold the restaurant in 2004, a couple of years after my late wife left this world and I had a serious health problem, both within four months.

After a while, I became very interested in health and began researching the subject. This led to a radical change in my lifestyle, then to changing the theme of the website, now dedicated to Health and the Environment.

TomatoesI am not a scientist nor a health expert by any means, but now I know the importance of clean living. The domain name does not end in ".org" or ".edu". This is not a formal non-profit entity, although it has turned out to be that - not intentionally. My purpose here is to help people learn, in an informal vein, about Health and the Environment.

Most other sites I have seen on this subject claim to be about Human Health and the Environment. I have left out the "Human" in my description because I think animal health is just as important in the whole picture. If animals are sick, we will be sick. To put this in perspective, I ask: would you eat a fish with tumors in it? A chicken breast with blisters? Or drink the milk from a cow with udders swollen from mastitis?

It has to be both, Health and Environment. When we do something that harms the environment, it ends up affecting our health; and many unhealthy activities affect the environment negatively (you will see more about this as you browse the site). Here you will learn about issues like:

  • How factory farming exploits and tortures animals; not only the inhumane treatment, also the horrible damage this causes to the environment. Factory farm: the CAFO
  • The organisms created in labs, found in most of the food people buy in the USA, and the serious damage they can wreak on your entire family. About GMOs.

In deference to the large Hispanic community in this country, and to my own heritage, this site is bilingual (English-Spanish). In most pages, the first link at the top enables you to switch languages just by clicking.

GrapesYou will also see several products throughout the site – all related to health or the environment - that you can purchase securely online.

I hope you find the information presented here useful in some way.

To your health,

Carlos "Timo" Corredor

What you will find in this site (

In an effort to encourage dialogs/discussion among site visitors, we have added forums. If you wish to make comments publicly, rather than just sending us a feedback, just post a comment on the forums; then, not just Timo, but anybody who visits may reply to you.

Environment-related content, including over 100 Mike Adams' CounterThink political cartoons, which deal with subjects like the absurdity and shady practices of the U.S. health care system, FDA corruption, dishonest labeling by the food industry - and other things that affect our everyday lives.
A collection of articles about healthy foods and living, food supplements and other health-related subjects, from well-known authorities.
Selected articles about miscellaneous subjects, by various authors, most of them by Timo.
A listing of all the products offered for secure purchase online.


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