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Sustainable green products available for secure purchase online

Supplements from Life Extension Foundation Life Extension - Vitamins, minerals, anti-aging, weight management, cardiovascular, etc. - REVIEW BY TIMO
Supplements from Global Healing Center GHC - For the last several years, I have heard nothing but positive things about GHC. When I learned GHC won a NaturalNews award for Best Product Line, I decided I had to be affiliated. They offer excellent supplements, notably several herbals for cleansing/detoxification.
Grass-fed meatMeats and other grass-fed products from US Wellness - Products are environment-friendly, healthier and better tasting than the traditional ones. Not just beef, they offer all kinds of meat, including veal, lamb, goat and more – you can get grass fed butter and cheese too! - REVIEW BY TIMO

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When you read my reviews of these products/advertisers, you will find that they are mostly positive. That is not because all I care about is selling you something: time permitting, I am always searching for good items to offer my site visitors (I have looked at many items I am not offering here). If there is something negative to say, I will say it like it is; but if there are too many negatives, I simply will not write the review – and the product/advertiser will just not be included in this site, period. Rest assured: if a product listed here does not show a review by me, it does not mean there is something wrong – it just means I have not had the time to try it and write about it; I make it a point to try all these things myself, if practical. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, don't hesitate to ask; just send us a message through the Contact Us page. You are also welcome to ask questions or make suggestions.

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