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Timo's corner

This is my corner. I can do/say/write anything I feel like in it. Here you will learn where I am coming from and where I am going. You might think of this as what most websites name the "About us" page – in this case, us, the entire staff would be me.

But the idea is not just to talk about myself: I share information of a more personal nature than in the rest of the site, which some of you may want to see, especially if you have had health problems, as I have. It is not advice; let us leave that to your health advisor. Some of you might think I am crazy (a distinct possibility) – and others may get some ideas about looking at your health from a different perspective. I hope you get something out of it.

Timo and TheresaYou may or may not know that I was the chef-owner of Timo's Restaurant in San Francisco for the 12 years it was in operation, before I sold it in 2004. was formerly the web site for the restaurant, but now, what you see is what you get. The restaurant was founded by my late wife Theresa and me, and we ran it together until she passed away in 2001 at age 43, shortly after the 9/11 attacks. If you wish to meet Theresa, just point to and click on the picture to the left.

Even though Timo’s restaurant closed in the fall of 2004, we still get visitors to the site, messages and even a reservation here and there. So, the original restaurant site, as it was on the last day of service, is still live and will remain so indefinitely, mostly for sentimental reasons. Former restaurant site.

For now, I am using my corner to present items I have written myself - and items written by others that I consider important, good or clever enough to show you.

Since I am deranged, I dumped all the prescription drugs I was to take, supposedly for life, and replaced them with whole foods, supplements and exercise and am now, years later, feeling better than ever. The whole story is in the list below, under Timo's health.

Occasionally, I write little items about food/cuisine and other subjects, published in English only; those are found in Timos blog.

Article list (in ascending chronological order)

Timo's health

How I almost left my heart in San Francisco – Part 1 Timo 25 October 08
How and why I stopped taking all the prescription drugs Timo 04 November 08
An unexpected benefit of taking a natural supplement: improvement in atherosclerosis condition Timo 25 November 08
Wake-up call: a stroke Timo 17 March 09
Progress: healthy living begins to pay off Timo 25 July 09
Incontinence – how I fixed it without drugs Timo 19 October 09
Despite a little setback, health remains fine Timo 29 November 09
Birthday this month - time for an update Timo 15 August 12
How time flies! Another birthday, another update Timo 29 August 13

Timo's miscellaneous items

The world, according to Casciari Hernán Casciari 20 March 08
How you can help get our Health Freedom Timo 17 June 08
Cholesterol Disease Mongering Reaches New Low with Statin Drug Push For 8-Year-Olds Mike Adams 07 July 08
FDA Approves Stevia, Ends the Era of Oppression of this Herbal Sweetener Mike Adams 19 December 08
This is how Big Pharma is getting fat Unknown/?? 22 May 09
A healthy glutton: better than a frustrated health nut Timo 20 July 10

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