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10 Ways to Create a Cozier Home  

November 8, 2023


Where Everyone Is Happy to Be Home for the Holidays

Longer lines at the stores, festive lattes and gifts galore can only mean one thing: the holiday season is here. Even if you’re not hosting for the holidays, you’re likely to have more people coming in and out of your home this time of year.

We all want our homes to feel warm and inviting. Whether you’ve just moved in to a new home or you’re looking to make some changes, here are some ways to make your home feel cozier just in time for the holidays.

  1. Eliminate hot and cold spots. Cold drafts will make any home feel less cozy. If it’s been a while since you changed the air filter in your furnace, this is where you’ll want to start. Other things you’ll want to consider are if your HVAC system is the proper size for your home, whether your attic lacks proper insulation, if there are leaks in your ductwork and whether your home would benefit from a zoning system. If you’re tired of living with drastic temperature differences between rooms, give our HVAC company in Thousand Palms a call. We’ll determine what’s causing the hot and cold spots and, more importantly, how to eliminate them.
  2. Remove the clutter, but embrace festive décor. Clutter creates chaos not only in our homes, but in our minds. Having too much “stuff” around us creates excessive stimuli for what we see, smell, touch, etc. It distracts us and makes us feel like the work in front of us is never done. The first step to creating a more relaxing, comfortable home is removing unnecessary clutter. In this case, less is more. Remove the things that sit there and collect dust. Then, once your home is decluttered, add some festive décor that makes everyone feel more at home. Seasonal pillow covers, kitchen towels and table placemats are a great place to start. These are things you need regardless—so you can make your home feel more festive without adding unnecessary clutter.
  3. Add some throw blankets. Who doesn’t love to snuggle under a nice, warm blanket? For those especially chilly nights, we recommend a weighted blanket.
  4. Upgrade to a smart thermostat. Constantly adjusting the thermostat is both tedious and costly. Smart thermostats are able to learn your schedule and make automatic adjustments that maximize your comfort and your long-term energy savings simultaneously. Year-round comfort has become easier and more reliable thanks to the introduction of smart thermostats. 
  5. Add a photo collage or framed pictures. Filling your home with reminders of happy memories is one of the best ways to make your home feel cozier and truly yours. 
  6. Switch up your lighting arrangement. If the lighting in your home uses cooler light bulbs, replace them with warmer hues. Cooler light feels more harsh and less inviting. String lights are another great way to add ambience and make ordinary rooms feel like a warm retreat.
  7. Keep everyone happy with a zoning system. In addition to helping to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, zoning systems can also help with resolving temperature wars among family members. Each zone is independently controlled, allowing everyone to win and feel comfortable in their own space.
  8. Swap out the curtains. Replace lighter curtains with heavier ones that will conserve more heat. We recommend sticking to warmer colors such as red or warm brown. These colors will make you feel mentally warmer, as opposed to whites and blues that will conjure a colder, harsher feeling.
  9. Brighten up the walls. While dark walls can make a room feel cozy, they can also make it feel smaller and more dull. If you’re drawn to brightness, consider painting your interior walls a brighter, lighter shade. This really is personal preference, but if your home feels too dark, painting the walls can make a huge difference in how you perceive your home. 
  10.  Create an outdoor sanctuary. When the conditions are right, you can feel just as cozy outdoors as you do indoors. Outdoor living spaces are ideal in a warmer climate like ours. On those chillier nights, gathering around the outdoor fire pit is a great way to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the great outdoors in a warm, cozy atmosphere. Plus, who can resist the chance to have more s’mores throughout the year?

Stay Cozy With Timo’s

Coziness isn’t something we can see or touch—but we can certainly feel it. Creating a cozy home is about more than having top-notch heating services in Thousand Palms, CA. It’s also about the little things we do to make our homes feel welcoming and to feel proud to call them our own.

Whether you’re looking to eliminate drafty areas or suddenly find yourself without heat, we’re here to keep your home cozy this holiday season and beyond. To save time, you can conveniently schedule service online. Or, to speak with one of our team members directly, give Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating a call at 760.475.9542.

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