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November 11, 2022


Find the Comfort You Crave With a New Heater

We all have our favorite foods when it comes to Thanksgiving. Some people prefer turkey and others say “ham all the way.” No matter which camp you fall in, we can all agree on one thing: A happy holiday home is a comfortable holiday home. 

Have you been feeling let down by your heater lately? If so, you might be wondering whether another repair is in order or your system needs to be replaced. At Timo’s, we provide heating repairs and heating replacements in Thousand Palms, CA, and throughout our service area. Before things really start to get hectic with the upcoming holidays, we’d be happy to advise you on whether a repair or a replacement is the right call.

You might want to consider having your unit replaced if your heater:

  • Is more than 10 years old.
  • Needs to be repaired frequently.
  • Creates warm and cold spots throughout your home.
  • Turns on and off in short periods of time (known as short-cycling).
  • Is noisy when operating.

You also want to think about your long-term goals and what you hope to get out of your heater. If your heater is on the older end of the spectrum, you’ll want to consider whether mediocre comfort is enough for you. Do you find yourself missing the days when you felt more cozy in your home? Have you noticed a decrease in your air quality or a consistent increase in your energy bills? If so, replacing your outdated unit with a newer one will:

  • Deliver uniform comfort that eliminates hot and cold spots.
  • Combat dust and other airborne pollutants to improve your indoor air quality.
  • Lower your long-term heating and cooling costs.
  • Give you better peace of mind thanks to our in-house, 10-year warranty for Timo’s-installed equipment.

Everything You Need to Feel Right At Home

We understand having a stranger come into your home doesn’t feel natural—even when that stranger is there to help. That’s why we do everything to ensure we’re hiring only the friendliest, most professional and skilled technicians to serve you and your family.

Customers trust Timo’s with their homes and businesses because we:

  • Employ fully licensed and insured technicians who are North American Technician Excellence (NATE)-certified.
  • Offer a 100% Money-Back Performance Guarantee. If, in the first year of use, your new heater fails to deliver the specified heating capacity and our techs are unable to correct the problem, we’ll remove the equipment and refund your entire purchase price. (Your application and relevant conditions documented at the time of installation will be taken into consideration). Check out our additional service guarantees.
  • Offer an in-house 10-year warranty for heating installations. Manufacturer warranties are great…but they aren’t perfect. They typically only cover the equipment itself. But what about the supplemental parts, such as the electrical wiring, thermostats and disconnect boxes? That’s where our 10-year warranty comes in. This exclusive warranty protects against defects in the materials or workmanship for 10 years following the installation. Your new heater must be installed by Timo’s to be eligible for this warranty.

From Our Family to Yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve had so much to be grateful for this year. We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, friends and family for their continued support. We’re a company that’s built on relationships—and they truly mean the world to us! From our family to yours, we wish you a safe, joyful and Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you need heating repair in Palm Springs, CA, or elsewhere in Southern California, we’re always ready to step in and help. To schedule service for your home or business, contact us online or call Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating at 760.475.9542 today.

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