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5 Benefits to Choosing NATE-Certified Technicians

February 7, 2023

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Settle for Nothing Less Than the Best

You can’t always change the fact that you need heating repair or AC repair in Palm Springs or elsewhere in Southern California. You can, however, control who comes in to fix the issue. When it comes to your heating and cooling equipment, we strongly believe choosing NATE-certified technicians is a must no matter what.

First, A Bit About NATE

Founded in 1997, North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. The organization is based in Virginia and has supported the ongoing training and professional development of HVACR professionals for 25 years.

NATE is in the business to test and train its members with real-world experiences and problems, and it covers all areas of HVAC. In order to be NATE-certified, technicians must pass a range of specialized tests covering air conditioning, heat pumps, gas and oil furnaces, refrigeration and more.

It’s important to know that NATE certification is not an industry requirement. If a company hires NATE-certified technicians, it means they’re choosing to employ the most knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians in their area. This is despite the fact that NATE-certified technicians tend to command higher salaries. Some companies will even cover the costs of NATE certification to ensure their employees receive top-tier industry training.   

It’s Always Better to Work With NATE-Certified Technicians Because…

  1. They do the job right the first time around. Thanks to their extensive knowledge, NATE-certified technicians receive fewer callbacks from dissatisfied customers than technicians who aren’t certified. This means you can return to your daily routine faster while saving money in the process.
  2. They’re faster and more efficient with their work. NATE-certified technicians understand the various problems that contribute to equipment failure. More importantly, they know how to quickly diagnose and repair issues that would leave improperly trained technicians stumped. Keep in mind that in order to be eligible for the certification exams, technicians need to have two to five years of experience in the field. In other words, you can’t become certified just for being a good test taker. If your technician is NATE-certified, it means he or she already has years of firsthand experience and can diagnose and repair your system faster and better than most technicians without NATE certification.    
  3. They have the insight and knowledge to accurately answer your questions. Have a question about your indoor air quality? Want to know which type of system and size is right for your home? A NATE-certified technician has the expertise to answer all of your HVAC-related questions.
  4. They’re trained to provide cost-effective, energy-efficient recommendations and services. The way your equipment is installed directly impacts how efficient (or inefficient) it will be through the years. Partnering with a NATE-certified technician helps to ensure your equipment will operate at peak performance and help you save as much money as possible.
  5. They take pride in their work—and it shows. Whether technicians invest in their own training or work for a company that offers the training, NATE-certified technicians take the utmost pride in their work. Only those who are committed to their craft will pass the rigorous tests and ongoing training requirements set forth by the NATE organization. When you welcome a NATE-certified technician into your home, you can rest assured you’re working with a highly trained professional—one who cares about doing an excellent job and using his or her skills to genuinely help others.  

Trust the NATE-Certified Technicians at Timo’s

At Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating, all of our technicians are insured, licensed and NATE-certified. This means they have undergone rigorous coursework and passed specialized exams to prove their knowledge and proficiency in HVAC repairs, heating and AC maintenance, installation and more. It also means they’re continually trained in all aspects of HVAC, as technicians must undergo retraining and testing every two years to uphold their certification. Therefore, you can feel confident knowing these certifications are always up-to-date and not something the technician completed 10 years ago.  

To learn more about how our NATE-certified technicians can help you, call us today at 760.475.9542 or fill out our online form.

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