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Indoor Air Quality Is Never Out of Season

October 11, 2022


California Allergy Sufferers Should Always Take Precautions

Southern California is known for its Mediterranean climate of dry summers and mild winters, but it comes with some challenges. The picturesque weather means something is blooming during most months, which can weigh on the region’s allergy sufferers.

Not even the fall and winter months bring much relief. By October, sagebrush, pigweed and Russian thistle are just coming off their peak seasons, and mold spores are plentiful as plants begin to decay. As the Santa Ana winds pick up over the next few weeks, they’ll kick up pollen and allergens that aren’t even in season.

All those conditions make indoor air quality products an essential for local homeowners. Fortunately, Timo’s has you covered. Lately, we’ve seen an uptick in interest for IAQ equipment as residents look for ways to protect against everything from ash to viruses. The tools we can install range from low-tech filters to state-of-the-art devices capable of preventing even the smallest microbes from circulating around your home.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when it comes to your indoor air quality.

  1. Newer Homes May Have Worse IAQ
    Over the last decade, builders have placed a higher importance on protecting the environment and people’s pocketbooks. As a result, they’ve built more energy-efficient homes. These buildings are less drafty and more likely to retain the hot and cool air they create to keep you comfortable. However, those features also mean the dust, pollen and other pollutants that get in are more likely to be trapped inside. As a result, the people who live in these homes may have more incentive to keep up with air quality measures.
  2. Know Who’s Most at Risk
    While everyone benefits from better air quality, it’s a higher priority for some. Children, for example, are still developing their immune systems and have smaller airways. Limiting their exposure to allergens and pollutants will help support their growth. Similarly, older adults often see their immune system weaken as they age. Maintaining the air quality inside their homes should be of high importance. The EPA recognizes that pregnant women and people with preexisting health conditions are other high-risk groups.
  3. Timo’s Can Meet the Highest Standards
    Our friendly technicians mostly work on residential HVAC systems, but that doesn’t mean we don’t install leading IAQ equipment. Our staff has the tools and know-how to safely install even medical-grade air purifiers. While many families may not need this level of protection, we feel it’s important to provide the full gamut of IAQ options so our customers can select the systems that best fit their needs.

We help families breathe easy by working with them to select the right IAQ systems for their homes. To get started, book an appointment online or call 760.475.9542.

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