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Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Ductless AC

July 7, 2022


Here’s How You Can Benefit to the Fullest

Ductless air conditioners offer an array of benefits, including enhanced comfort control, long-term energy savings and healthier indoor air quality. But just like any other piece of equipment, they aren’t perfect. Getting the most out of a mini-split requires ongoing maintenance and other preventive measures. This month, we want to point out the must-knows with mini-splits. With this knowledge, you can stay one step ahead and ensure you’re getting the best possible use out of your mini-split. Plus, you’ll know how to maximize the lifespan of your unit and avoid the cost of ongoing AC repair.

If You’ve Gone Ductless, Be Sure To…

  1. Have your system maintained each year. This is the single most important thing you can do to prevent emergency AC repair. Ductless units need to be maintained as frequently as traditional air conditioners. Every spring, it’s important to have a technician inspect your equipment and perform any minor repairs. This is crucial for preventing the serious repairs that are more expensive to fix and can even cause premature system failure. Maintenance is designed to prolong the life of the air conditioner and ensure years of carefree comfort. For the ultimate experience, we recommend Timo’s Advantage Plan. This is our all-inclusive membership program that combines heating and cooling protection under one affordable plan. And did we mention the perks? All members are entitled to a number of VIP exclusives, including priority service, repair discounts and much more! 
  2. Call a professional if the unit is leaking or the coils are frozen. One advantage of mini-splits is not having to worry about leaky air ducts or dust in the ductwork. However, mini-splits are prone to refrigerant leaks because they involve more air handlers. During a maintenance inspection, your technician will check the unit and fix any existing leaks on the spot. Frozen coils are another potential issue that can be caused by low refrigerant levels. It’s important to take swift action if you notice ice anywhere on the unit. Any change in appearance with your mini-split warrants calling a professional. Don’t overlook the issue and assume it will go away on its own. It will only worsen over time. So, the longer you wait, the more it will cost to fix. 
  3. Listen for unusual noises. One benefit of ductless air conditioners is they’re quieter than most forced-air systems. So, if your mini-split is making popping, gurgling or other unusual noises, you know something’s wrong with it. Refrigerant issues or malfunctioning sensors can be one of many reasons why the noises might be occurring. Either way, it’s important to acknowledge there’s a problem and have a professional come in and fix it. 
  4. Replace the batteries in the remote (if your system has one). When homeowners suspect there’s a problem with their central air conditioner, we always tell them to first check the thermostat and make sure the batteries don’t need to be replaced. Be sure to do the same if your ductless system came with a remote control.
  5. Take note of any foul-smelling odors. There shouldn’t be any smells coming from your unit at all. But if you notice unusual odors that smell like vinegar, mildew or even fish, there’s a problem. These smells aren’t normal and can indicate a mold issue you’ll certainly want to take care of.

Tackle Any & All AC Issues With Timo’s

Though mini-splits aren’t usually enough to cool the entire home, they’re ideal for home renovations and additions. If you already have a mini-split or you’re thinking of purchasing one, Timo’s is your one-stop solution for mini-split installation, repair and maintenance in the Palm Desert area. By staying on top of your mini-split with annual maintenance and everything else we covered above, you can reap the benefits of quiet, reliable and affordable cooling!

We hope you’re taking it easy and having a relaxing summer season. Should you need us at any point this summer, we’re here to quickly step in and restore your cooling comfort. To learn more about the ductless air conditioners we carry or to schedule service for your home, contact us online or call Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating at 760.475.9542 today!

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