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Want the Best Shot at Beating the Summer Heat?

March 22, 2022


Here Are Two Plays You Need to Run!

Quick. Check your bracket. Who do you have winning it all—you or the summer heat?

While March Madness has the country’s attention, Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating remains focused on keeping your home as comfy as possible. If you want to ensure your household claims victory over California’s hottest weather, it’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines. Get in on the action!

Here is our best game-winning advice.

Playing an Injured Cooling System Is a Bad Call!

An injured athlete shouldn’t play in a game. Not only will the injury affect the player’s performance, he or she also risks making the injury worse! It’s the same with your air conditioner. You shouldn’t be relying on a broken or malfunctioning air conditioner to beat the summer heat. If you do, your air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home as efficiently or as well as it should. Also, the longer you wait to address a residential AC repair in Palm Desert, CA, or a surrounding area, the more likely the problem will become more severe, sidelining your system for good and forcing you to recruit a replacement earlier than you expected.

So, if your system is showing any of these signs, make sure you call us to repair it before you find yourself in a heated situation:

  • Your unit is making loud or strange noises.
  • Your cooling system is failing to deliver cool air.
  • Your furnace is blowing cold air.
  • Your home is failing to maintain the set temperature.
  • There’s an increase of dry air and dust in your home.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Warmed Up!

What do collegiate athletes and your air conditioner have in common? They need to warm up! For athletes, warming up before game time is the key to avoiding preventable injuries. It also helps ensure that, when they step out on the court, they’re ready to hit the ground running. It’s the same with your air conditioner.

Scheduling a preseason tune-up not only helps detect and prevent AC injuries, it also gives you the best shot of scoring your air conditioner’s best performance.

During your inspection, our tech will thoroughly examine your system and its parts to ensure they’re game ready. We’ll also provide an injury report that highlights any issues that could send your system to the bench.

With our quick and reliable AC repair service, we’re also here to help you get your system back in the game.

The Ball Is in Your Court!

Timo’s is here to help coach you through all of California’s highs and lows. From scheduling a preseason tune-up to installing a new air conditioner, for Palm Springs, CA, residents, we’re only a call (760.475.9542) or click away!

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